Veterans Discount

Veterans Discount available. Please inquire with attendant on-site.

Thank you for your service!


Soft Water Wash

Soft water reduces the chances of spotting and residue on your car while conserving the soap needed for an effective clean.

Turbo Air Dry

With multiple 125 horse power blowers, your car will be left spotless & the hands free dry prevents any chance of scratching from towels.

Underbody Wash

Let’s be honest, your car doesn’t just get dirty on top but it’s pretty dirty underneath too. The underbody wash takes care of all the grime hiding under your car.

Triple Foam Conditioner

Conditioner: good for your hair, good for your car. Of course, it is a special formula designed to bring out the perfect shine…on your car.

Wheel Cleaner

Nothing screams clean car like shiny tires & rims. Yours will be polished and prime!

Clear Coat Sealant

The clear coat sealant helps fill in any missing parts of your cars clear coat. That will leave you with a solid, protected shine.

Epic Lava Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is the hardest known natural wax sourced from nature. The wax protects the trees from the intense tropical sun & that's what it will do for your car. It also sheds water and is clear, talk about a perfect car wax!

Epic Ceramic Protection

Epic Ceramic Protection keeps your car shiny and protected so it can look epic longer, complete with an incredible orange creamsicle scent. By bonding with your vehicle’s surfaces, this new product ensures that you get amazing shine and an additional layer of essential protection against the elements.

Epic Tire Shine

Epic Tire Shine was engineered to protect & shine. Sounds like the perfect fit for an EPIC wash. Keep your tires looking & performing their best!

4-Day Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with your wash. If the weather turns bad or you see a spot that we missed, we will re-wash your car. Bring in your receipt & we will take care of you! (Protect Wash Only)

Free Vacuums

The vacuums are always free at Epic Shine. We want you to come to Epic Shine every time you need a clean car, inside or out!

Mat Washer

The Mat Washers are the newest features we have added to help make your car shine! The interior clean is just as important as the exterior clean!