NEW Automatic Floor Mat Washers at ALL Locations!

You Asked, We Listened! NEW Automatic Floor Mat Washers at ALL Epic Shine Locations!

We are excited to announce the installment of an innovative new technology at all 6 Epic Shine locations: One-step mat cleaning technology. In a matter of 30 seconds you can have clean, dry floor mats without getting your hands dirty!

Clean Car Mats are Free with Every Wash!

This innovative solution to soiled floor mats is exactly what you’ve been missing. Using water and the power of special textured brushes, the machine cleans away ground-in dirt, hard to remove stains, and pet hair in a matter of seconds. Both carpet and rubber floor mats can be cleaned and dried in this groundbreaking all-in-one system. Best of all? They are free with every wash, just like our vacuums!

How it works

Simply slide your soiled mat in the machine face down, wait 30 seconds, then grab your clean, dry mat from the other side! There has never been an easier way to clean your floor mats…ever. This addition to all Epic Shine locations will have your floor mats looking brand new every time you stop in. See how it works here:

Hands-Free and Easy

Not even the strongest vacuums can get some floor mats clean. If you try and wash them by hand, you’re left battling hoses, brushes, and soaps in an effort to scrub away stains and debris…Not to mention waiting hours for the mat to dry. Not anymore. With our new Rhino-Mat units, cleaning floor mats is 100% hands-free and easy. Simply pull your floor mats out of your vehicle, and slide them into the unit. No mess, no fuss, just perfectly clean and dry mats in under a minute.

We are excited to be able to offer this amazing system to our customers. Be sure to stop in and try them out and let us know what you think!

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