Epic Shine is proud to be a St. Luke’s 2022 Signature Event Sponsor

Giving back to our communities is important to all of us at Epic Shine. Especially when it comes to the health and well–being of future generations. This year we’re supporting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital through their 2022 Signature Event Sponsorship. We’re honored to support St. Luke’s vision to transform children’s health for years to come.

St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital is Idaho’s only children’s hospital and sees over 150,000 patient visits per year while providing care in over 30 areas of specialties. While they are addressing the most challenging health issues of today, St. Luke’s is also preparing for the challenges to come.

At Epic Shine, we see the impact that our support can have on the lives of our children. We feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to help serve the needs of children and families in all of our communities.

Why We Give:

“The past two years have shown all of us just how vital our Healthcare providers are to our communities. Epic Shine supports St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital because of the crucial role they play in the health of Idaho’s children. They not only provide the best care but are committed to ensuring that more families and communities have access to that care.” —Dan Abel, Epic Shine Owner

St. Luke’s Children’s Promise for the 2022 Signature Sponsorship:

Keep care close to home. Too often, barriers limit children’s ability to access critical primary care services. To address this problem of care for children in rural areas, St.Luke’s Children’s Hospital is creating a mobile unit that will serve the pediatric population in Southern Idaho’s rural communities. The mobile unit will be one of the first in the nation that combines a mobile child advocacy center along with the capability to provide pediatric primary care.

Proactively care for the mental health needs of Idaho children. The St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital Day Treatment Center is seeing positive, meaningful outcomes in patients. For many of these young people, their hard work and dedication have resulted in the opportunity to participate more fully in their lives and look forward to the future.

Update lifesaving equipment: Every breath counts, no matter how small. While our neonatologists, nurses, and therapists have been advancing their treatments through training and education, the NICU ventilators have not been upgraded. St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital is replacing these ventilators with new models to provide expert monitoring and minimal or non-evasive life-saving support for the earliest pre-term babies. They’re also seeking to add portable imaging equipment for the Emergency Department that allows providers to treat patients without excess movement or invasive procedures and advanced Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring equipment that supports patients with seizures and epilepsy.

Join us in helping support the health of Idaho’s Children. Visit the St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital Website for more information about the amazing work they do and how you can help make a difference.

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