Epic Shine is Giving Free Washes for Black Friday

Buy one Washbook and get one free. 4 washes per book!

We love Black Friday. It’s a fun kickoff to the excitement of holiday shopping. This year you can stop into any Epic Shine and buy a Washbook and get a second for free. Think of it like a BOGO except you get FOUR washes in each book. That’s four FREE washes. We’re basically making BOGF (Buy One Get Four) a thing.

If it seems like we’re excited, it’s because we are. Here’s how it works: The offer is only good on-site for one day, Friday, November 26, 2021, from 8 am to 8 pm, so come into any Epic Shine Car Wash location on Black Friday, purchase one Epic Shine Washbook, and get one FREE!

Just think—you can keep one Washbook and gift the other to friends or family so they can see for themselves what an Epic Shine Car Wash can do for their car this winter. Or you could give them both away if you want to be a real angel.

Whichever you choose—this is just our way of showing you just how much we appreciate your business.

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