Wash Technology & Innovation

Here at Epic Shine we are committed to innovation, check out the cool additions to some of our new sites!


Illustration of car being washed with trees in background

Epic Shine is a member of WaterSavers – the car wash industry’s premier recognition program focused on educating the community about the environmental benefits and responsible business practices of professional car washing.

Water Reclamation System

The data shows that supporting a commercial car wash is significantly more eco-friendly than washing your car in your driveway. When you wash at Epic Shine, you save up to 82% of the water you’d use by washing at home and avoid releasing toxic chemicals into nearby water systems. Watch the video to learn more!

Solar Power

At our Caldwell location, and coming soon to three new locations, we proudly use solar power to reduce our carbon footprint! This step allows us to rely on less traditional electric power. Watch this video for a sneak peek of our solar-powered location.

Accutrac Technology

At our Twin Falls location, we were one of the first express tunnels to implement a cutting-edge 360 high pressure washing technology. It helps you get in, get out, and get clean in just 3 minutes, with the additional bonus of more water conservation. Watch the video to see how it works!

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